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New Scream trilogy?

Scream.jpgThere's a lot of rumour around a restart of the Scream franchise, or reboot if you prefer, and we've heard a number of different rumours to date. The latest is an alleged screen capture of an electronic message from the desk of someone in the William Morris Intranet revealing that Kevin Williamson is signed up to write the new trilogy.

It's does look like a big rumour, and possibly not a true one at that, but the rumour of the Scream franchise restarting has been on the go for a little while now.

It was back in July 2008 when we first heard of a Weinstein press release that mentioned the restart of the franchise with Scream 4, then we heard from Wes Craven that he was talking to Bob Weinstein about doing another film and that Kevin Williamson was the writer that was going to tackle the project. Finally we heard from Jamie Kennedy that Williamson was doing the first draft, that Craven may direct, and that the original stars were being approached, however it did sound like it was going to be a handover to the new batch of teens story.

So what's new about this story? Well if the screen capture from through Rope of Silicon and /Film is true, which I do doubt, is the claim that Williamson is signed up for an entire trilogy rather than just one film.

I've no issue with the idea of a complete new trilogy apart from one, the handover to the young Screamers. I'm scared that what we will see is a remake of the first three films, just with younger faces, all in the name of hitting a new target audience.

I'd rather they came up with something intelligent and clever, and preferably with the previous actors. Okay, they can change some of them, but just having them hand over to an entirely new group really isn't something I'm that keen on, especially if they do just remake the original stories.

What's it going to be anyway? Sidney passes on her fondness for being the victim of various different serial killers to her daughter? Oh come on now.

Well, it may not be true anyway, after all I'm a bit surprised that there was a screen capture taken and then emailed through, I'm also a bit surprised by the company's intranet, just a discussion board? One person signed on and an AIM search? Well maybe it is real, if it is they're running a pretty poor intranet!

What do you think of a new Scream trilogy in younger hands? Remake or something new? New cast or old cast?



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