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Opening five minutes of The International online

TheInternational.jpgTom Tykwer's The International has just had the opening five minutes posted online and I have to say it looks rather impressive. I like the slow deliberate pace, and the interesting ending to the outside section, although the CSI final piece is a little predictable. However, there's some great stuff to his career history, not least the continually mentioned Run Lola Run.

You know, if nothing else, he's going to make a great looking film and you'll be riveted, at least visually. However the early word is that the film isn't that great.

The answer is to check out the opening to Tom Tykwer's The International for yourself and see Clive Owen stare you out during the titles, I really liked that, and actually I might have framed his face even closer than that.

You can see the opening over at MSN [Flash] through Coming Soon. The film stars Clive Owen as an Interpol Agent trying to bring down a corrupt financial institution who are selling arms to foreign countries. Together with the Assistant District Attorney, played by Naomi Watts, they try and bring down those responsible for the company's crimes.

Sounds interesting, but despite the stars and the story it's still Tykwer that has me interested. Take a look at the five minute introduction and see what you think.



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