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Orange BAFTA Rising Star: Noel Clarke

NoelClarke.jpgNoel Clarke is another of the names up for the Orange BAFTA Rising Star Award, and it's not just for his acting but his overall film work, for he's written and directed films that he's starred in, and appeared on Doctor Who for a number of episodes. Despite most recognising him for Doctor Who, his talent has been applied to Kidulthood and Adulthood and a number of television appearances.

The Orange British Academy Film Awards, aka the BAFTA's, have an award where the public can vote for the winner, not some panel of film insiders but you, the audience, and this year there's a great selection up for the award. One of them is Noel Clarke.

Noel Clarke was born in 1975, just three days away from my birthday. His first couple of appearances were in short films during 1999 - Native and Take 2. He then appeared in a number of British television shows until his first appearance in a feature film called I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, directed by Mike Hodges and starring Clive Owen, Charlotte Rampling, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Malcolm McDowell. Television featured again in his career until his third short film appearance in Plastic.

Now you might be reading that blurb and thinking that you've not seen any of these films and perhaps wondering why I'm writing about these films that you may not have seen and television appearances that you may not recognise him from - well although his first feature film appearance is a strong one, and the television shows he's been in are rather strong themselves, what comes next is very surprising and gets him hugely noticed.

Kidulthood. Noel Clarke wrote the film himself and the television director Menhaj Huda took the helm. Of course this was the year after he'd started in Doctor Who as Mickey Smith, a character that ran until 2008, so his rise had already begun, and perhaps that's what gave him some of the leverage to push forward with the film. It's certainly one hell of a different direction from the famous BBC television series.

His television career continued, mainly with the Doctor, but it was just recently that he had the chance to add a sequel to Kidulthood and did so rather remarkably by writing and directing the film Adulthood, a film that received better praise than the first.

Now although you may look at his career and think that there just aren't as many big named films as others on the awards list you have to think on this. Not only has he appeared for three years in one of the BBC's flagship television series and one that gains worldwide audiences and noteriety, but he's also written one film and written and directed its sequel within two years of each other. Now that's damned impressive.

Currently he has two films sitting on his slate. Heartless where he stars well up the list alongside Jim Sturgess, Timothy Spall and Eddie Marsan, and Doghouse which is a British comedy horror with men-hating female cannibals - sounds a riot!

It's curious to see where his career is going, but there's a definite feel that he's keeping it very British and will continue to develop his own projects. I think it's a testament to his talent that he has already written two films and directed one of them, and he's well deserving of the nomination for the Orange BAFTA Rising Star Award.

Noel Clarke is one of the nominees for the Orange Rising Star Award at this year's BAFTA's, and you can vote for him in one of two ways. You can either head to the online voting at the official Orange British Academy Film Awards page and read up on the stars, watch some clips for them to refresh your memory, and then get voting, it's free online.

Or you can use the text voting which you can read more about over on the official voting site. Get yourself over there and have your say.

You can see the other profiles of the nominees of Michael Cena, Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Hall and Toby Kebbell on Filmstalker.



I met him at BIFA and totally pretended I wasn't an idiot blobby Dr Who fan. He's only about 4 foot tall you know, tiny wee Mickey.

Vote Clarke!

He wrote an episode of Torchwood too. He's definitely and All Rounder!


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