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Orphange remake gains major lead

ElOrphanato.jpgYou'll remember that Guillermo del Toro is remaking The Orphanage, aka El Orfanato, in Hollywood, and although he asked the original director, Juan Antonio Bayona, to direct the remake, he turned it down.

Without a director though it seems the film is moving forward, and word is that a high profile actress has taken up the lead role in the Hollywood remake, although as yet we don't know who.

Interestingly the film hasn't actually been greenlit as yet, according to the Variety article which comes through HorrorMovies.ca, but they have a high profile lead attached. Oh, and they don't have a director announced yet either.

I'm all a bit confused to be honest. No director, Variety claims it hasn't been greenlit, and yet Guillermo del Toro is producing, I'm surprised he hasn't managed to get this film moving forward yet. With the current move towards remakes in Hollywood and the previous remake of [Rec] as Quarantine shown that it can deliver profits, why isn't it moving forward faster? Mind you, even a remake of a film that isn't even two years old yet is a bit of a stretch for Hollywood.

The story sees a woman and her son return to the orphanage that she grew up in. She buys it with the move to refurbish it and run it as an orphanage once again, but when her son starts seeing an imaginary friend and begins to play some rather strange games with them, she begins to get concerned and events become more and more strange.

It's surprising that The Orphanage remake hasn't been greenlit yet with the weight that there is behind it, especially as del Toro was also producing the first film. I am guessing that the project took a bit of a dunt when Juan Antonio Bayona turned down the role the first time around.

Yet is there really a desire out there for foreign films to be remade so quickly, and if Quarantine is anything to go by, so identically, just to have it in the English language? So far I've seen no signs of it at all.

Is there anyone who made the decision not to see [Rec] because it was foreign but did see Quarantine because it's in English? Does a foreign film really stop you from watching it?



What a pointless thing to do. Sometimes I wonder if anyone in Hollywood can read the subtitles. This is a great film and should be left alone.

Absolutely agree. Making a remake of a movie that only came out a year or so before is pathetic. Makes you wonder if Americans can read.

No doubt it will end up as bad as all the other Hollywood horror remakes of recent years.


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