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Oscar 2009 previews including Terminator Salvation, Sherlock Holmes, Public Enemies, Amelia

Oscar.jpgFrom the Oscar show credits come a multitude of short clips from some upcoming films, who knows how they chose some of them, and we get everything from Terminators to Gerbils.

The credits include G-Force, Up, Monsters vs. Aliens, Funny People, Imagine That, 500 Days of Summer, Julie & Julia, The Soloist, Amelia, The Taking of Pelham 123, Public Enemies, Sherlock Holmes and Terminator Salvation, and they are all here for you to watch, and with plenty of new and unseen footage.

What's particularly interesting are the shots of the Terminator we know and love from Terminator Salvation, and no giant robots in sight! Plus there's some great moments from Public Enemies and Amelia. All are looking damned exciting films judging by these clips.

I've ordered the clips in the order of interest for me. Have a look, I know they are brief, but if you watch you'll see new footage in just about every single one.

Terminator Salvation

Sherlock Holmes

Public Enemies

The Taking of Pelham 123


The Soloist

Julie & Julia

500 Days of Summer

Imagine That

Funny People

Monsters vs. Aliens



See anything interesting? Public Enemies does look good, and there's plenty of what we want from Terminator Salvation. Not much flying from Amelia though.



Looking to Terminator Salvation the most out of that list. Then again, I am a fan, so...


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