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Pics 'n' Clips: Romero's of the dead featurette, Watchmen three minutes, Rourke in The Informers

There are a few clips online that range from pretty interesting to pretty boring, in fact if I'm being honest the interesting one is the three minutes of Rorschach in Watchmen and the boring ones are both the George A. Romero's ...of the Dead behind the scenes camera phone filmed clip and the Mickey Rourke in The Informers clip.

Oh yes, I know I should be leaping all over the Rourke clip, but there's nothing exciting from it, and the more I hear about the project the less interested I am. Watchmen though, that we're all interested in, surely?

First up is George A. Romero's ...of the Dead behind the scenes featurette which seems to have been grabbed on a mobile phone or something similar, still it's there to see, even if some of the laughter does sound canned it might be pulled soon as a genuine bootleg.

Three minutes of the upcoming Watchmen film have been online for a few days, however now they've been sandwiched together to watch in a continuous stream. It's looking good, and you'll recognise the scenes from the comic book/graphic novel if you've read it. Unfortunately it just stops short of seeing the big blue guy.

This is the first clip of Mickey Rourke from The Informers, the Bret Easton Ellis novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) directed by Gregor Jordan. It doesn't look great to be honest, nothing against his acting, just that the scene doesn't grab you and is all about the fact that Rourke is in the film – marketing capitalising on the awards ceremonies. You can see it over at FilmoFilia [Flash].



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