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Producer talks Friday 13th, Elm Street

Fridaythe13th-RemakePoster.jpgWith Friday the 13th attempting a reboot of the franchise, one of the producers has been talking about a potential sequel.

Not only that but he tells us where Nightmare on Elm Street is, and what the chances of Freddy v Jason 2 are.

I love a good horror film, so I'm hoping Friday the 13th is a decent reboot of the franchise. And as Hollywood loves a sequel, it's hardly surprising there is already talk of one. One of the producers, Brad Fuller says they aren't planning too much for a sequel yet though.

I think that if the movie does well, we're all interested in going back to Camp Crystal Lake and making another one. We had a great time and we have Derek [Mears] (Jason Voorhees) for another movie. We would love to work with him again, but we won’t make any plans set in stone until we see if the fans respond well to the one we just did.

More like they won't get the dosh if the new one sucks maybe. The fact that it will be the 13th film of the franchise, won't mean we get any gimmicks thrown at us though. He told Bloody Disgusting:

We don’t know what it would be, because we don’t know the level to which this one will work. The most important thing is the story – it won’t be more epic because it’s the 13th one. It’s important to us to maintain the quality like we have in this one. We want to have great actors, a lot of fun and great scares, that’s what we set out to do.

Sounds like a good recipe for a decent horror film. Next up for Fuller though is the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. And things are picking up on that front.

Nightmare will come first, we're gearing up to start that movie [now]. We’re hopeful to announce a director in the next two or three weeks. Once that happens, we’re going to try and move ahead and start to get that movie going first. I believe that Nightmare is the next movie we're shooting and we're hoping to shoot that in April/May in Chicago

Hopefully we'll find out who is playing Freddy pretty soon. But we shouldn't count on another Freddy v Jason film though.

No, we haven’t really thought about doing FREDDY VS JASON. I just don’t have a handle on how we’d do that movie. I don’t know exactly what Freddy [Krueger] is going to be yet, and until I know what Freddy is, I can’t commit until I know who is playing Freddy and how that pans out. But we haven’t thought about that at all. This is the first time I’ve thought about it at all.

Let's hope that Friday the 13th turns out good. Although, if Nightmare on Elm Street works out, I'm not sure about Freddy v Jason 2. Smacks of exploiting the franchises they have just restarted. Which is probably why they'll do it. Are you excited about any of these reboots?



Yes, I thought the Texas Chainsaw movies were done very well. Not better then the original, but still lots of fun, more modern and introducing the kids of the millenium to the story. I truly feel that the team can do it again with Friday the 13th, and I would be more then willing to see a new nightmare. I like how they are making it a bit more serious and not as campy and the later instalments had been.

Nothing wrong with these, imitation is the greated form of flatery.


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