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Raimi's dual horrors

SamRaimi.jpgSam Raimi's production company Ghost House Pictures has picked up the rights to two horror films which they plan to remake. The 1987 Spanish horror film Anguish (Angustia) and the 2007 Danish film Room 205 (Kollegiet).

It looks like Ghost House has decided to break out and remake some horror from somewhere else other than Asian with the Grudge series.

They aren't the only ones involved in the production of Anguish though, another famed Asian horror remake studio are on board, Vertigo and the famous Roy Lee.

Anguish is the story of two girls who are watching a scary film and find that their lives are beginning to mirror their own life. According to Variety Jake Wade Wall, who rewrote When a Stranger Calls and The Hitcher, is to rewrite this script.

Room 205 is going to be remade as The Dorm and has already been assigned Martin Barnewitz to direct it, well placed since he directed the original. However the writer is a familiar face, and a powerful pen to boot, Stephen Susco. He adapted The Grudge, The Grudge 2 and wrote and produced Red (Filmstalker review).

Room 205, and now The Dorm, is set to follow a college freshman who moves into a dormitory and chooses a room that is haunted.

Both sound interesting, but The Dorm is the one that has me most interested, the idea of Susco providing the adaptation already has me excited.



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