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Raimi's House of the Flying Daggers remake?

HouseoftheFlyingDaggers.jpgIt's incredible to think what's being remade in Hollywood nowadays, and it's more interesting to see what remakes cause more uproar than others, foreign films are fair game in the remake stakes, and particularly Asian horror films, but who would have thought that Asian martial arts films could make the crossover into remake territory?

Sam Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures do.

According to this morning's edition of Production Weekly, through the excellent MoviesOnline, Sam Raimi is doing just that. Or rather his Ghost House Pictures is.

I'm with PuppetMaster over at MoviesOnline, I don't understand why Ghost House are so keen on the remakes at the moment, well actually that's not true I am, it's easy money isn't it? Platinum Dunes are showing that remakes are providing a lot of cash from an already keen audience.

However Ghost House are picking a film that really is already fantastic, sure there are a couple of shortcomings in the story, but the cinematography, the locations, actors and production design are all superb, and the film is damn good.

What's more surprising is that it's a martial arts film heavy with love story and character. To date remakes of Asian films have been more about the horrors, a market which has been totally exploited.

What about House of the Flying Daggers remade in an American industry for an American audience? I really don't see this working, I mean we've already seen how Asian horror remakes haven't been that well made apart from The Grudge, but even then the subtlety was pulled back.

I don't know, an American studio remaking an Asian martial arts film that is already a superb film in its own right? I really don't see it working myself, not even with Ghost House pictures behind it. How could they possibly remake it and make it better? Could they be going for a modernised and/or westernised version?



Well a western remake of HOTFD would be better coz we wouldn't have to be badly dubbed and we would not have to read subtitles! ;-)

Seriously, I loved the original and though naturally suspicious of all remakes it would be interesting to see how it could be adapted. I am reminded a bit of how some classic westerns were remakes of Kurosawa Samurai films.


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