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[Rec] 2 teaser online

Rec2.jpgI'm not entirely sure how to write this, but the trailer for [Rec] 2, or Rec 2, or even REC 2, is online. Actually it's just as much a teaser as the previous one we saw, really nothing more than a hint of what's to come and a firm time frame setting.

However it does capture the feel of the first film and the good news is that there are no gimmicks, we're going into that building once again, just hours after the events from the first recording.

[Rec] was pretty good, although I do think there were a number of flaws in the film, which doesn't seem to be a popular belief, flaws that the Hollywood version tried to address and didn't really manage that well, losing a lot of the original tension in the process.

Now the makers of [Rec] are making the sequel, [Rec] 2, and probably with a hope that Hollywood will pick this one up too just like they did with [Rec] for Quarantine. I just hope that we aren't going to see the usual zombie sequel, more people pile into the same situation and end up the same way.

Here's the teaser which I found through Quiet Earth and Dread Central.



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