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Shelock Holmes reshoot lies

SherlockHolmes.jpgWell there you go, I thought (and said) as much. Warner Bros. have released a press release to say that they are not unhappy with Sherlock Holmes at all and there are not five weeks of reshoots to be had, in fact there are standard scheduled pick-up shots and inserts, so nothing out of the ordinary.

What's more, just to drive the rumour into the ground, the studio haven't even seen the film yet because it's still in the production process.

Today the press release comes out from Warner Bros. and hasn't been making the headlines as much as the original rumour did, and I bet you it doesn't get the same column inches as the “story” in the British tabloid paper The Sun did, which you can read about, along with my scepticism, right here.

As usual the story came from “an insider”, and the paper isn't the most reliable. Here's the statement from The Hollywood Reporter:

“It is not true that Warner Bros. has asked for any reshoots on 'Sherlock Holmes,'...The inserts and pickup shots being completed next week, which have long been part of the schedule, do not involve any cast, and are a standard part of filmmaking...

...It is still early in the production process, and the studio has not yet seen the movie. Both Warner Bros. and Guy Ritchie are very pleased with the footage they have seen thus far.”

Well I remember just recently watching the audio commentary for RocknRolla (Filmstalker review) and Guy Ritchie was saying something along the lines of not really knowing what the film will look like until they get into the editing room, I remember that made me wonder how he reconciled the process between filming and editing the final film, but going back to this story it does suggest that there wouldn't be a complete article to show the studio just yet.

This reeks of trying to bring Sherlock Holmes down for reasons of populist gossip, or just to make a media headline. I am always wary of “insider” stories, because I could easily make up a story, assign it to an “insider” and release it on the internet just to get other sites quoting me and leverage some press and visitors for myself.

Well this looks like to be another such story, for whatever reasons either The Sun has been duped or the story has been whipped up for some exposure on the Ritchie-Madonna gossip. Whatever reason it looks like there aren't the huge reshoots on the film and what is required are just pick-up shots to get the extra footage needed for editing.

Of course there's another side to consider, just to ensure we keep some balance here. The original story could be true and this could be a saving face gesture from Warner Bros., but I have to say I believe that over the tabloid insider, especially when the personal divorce issue became part of the story.

In a way I hate this kind of thing, it's pretty nasty stuff and if it stuck on someone's career we might end up not seeing any more of their films, or at the same level of backing as we could have. For instance if this did harm Sherlock Holmes and Guy Ritchie, imagine what could happen to his next expected film, Gamekeeper. I'm really looking forward to that, and if it fell through because of this kind of rumour it would be the audience who suffer, all in the name of a rumour and self-advertising.



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