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Sherlock Holmes and five week reshoot

GuyRitchie.jpgI've talked about reshoots on films before, they are often extremely commonplace, much more than the media would like you to believe as they'd like you to think that there's a shock horror story in there for their readership, and they are usually for the better. However most reshoots are short, not five weeks.

That's just what Sherlock Holmes is reportedly hitting, if you believe the British tabloids, papers which are often more about gossip and innuendo than anything. The word is that the studio have pushed back the film and asked for five weeks of reshoots.

Not only have the studio wanted reshoots for Sherlock Holmes, but they're calling back some of the stars, and that really does suggest major reshoots.

However let's take a step back for a moment, the story comes from The Sun through IESB, and The Sun is very well known for being a gossip paper, but it could well be true. We'll have to wait for some stronger confirmation.

Meanwhile, here's what the Sun has:

"GUY RITCHIE was fuming last night after being ordered to re-shoot five weeks' worth of scenes for his Sherlock Holmes film.

Warner Bros chiefs said the first cut was not good enough - and blasted one scene as "ridiculously unrealistic".

Guy, 40, must now call back A-list stars including JUDE LAW, and is battling to meet the November release date."

As usual it comes from "an insider", which could mean anything at all, even the tea lady. The story does go on, as you would expect with a tabloid, to say that the scene filmed in Sherlock Holmes that are under the reshoot banner were, wait for it and you might see this coming, filmed while Guy Ritchie was "distracted" by his divorce.

What a load of rubbish. Or it could be true. Whatever the real reason for the alleged reshoots, if they are true then they're happening and it doesn't really matter what was behind the reason that they were required, just that they were, surely?

If the reshoots are true, this is big, there's no doubt. Five weeks of reshoots with major stars involved are pretty damn big, and in a way it's not the reshoots themselves, but that the studio required so much.

Could this be a bad sign for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes?



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