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Slap Shot remake moves forward

SlapShot.jpgMarch 2007 is when I first wrote about the possibility of Slap Shot, the ice hockey film starring Paul Newman, getting a remake, and now it sounds like the film is actually moving forward.

The film told the story of an ice hockey team who found new success through focusing more on the fighting side of the game rather than the actual playing, and interesting turn of social commentary on the audience.

Now the report from Variety is that the film is moving forward, and it now has a director, writer, and production team that you might recognise, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.

The previous story had Stuart Blumberg as the writer, but now it's Peter Steinfeld who wrote 21, Be Cool and Analyze That, while the director up for the job is Dean Parisot.

Paul Newman headlined the original 1977 Slap Shot comedy film which has become a classic with hockey fans since, and it will be interesting to see who they replace him with in this remake, the calibre of that actor will no doubt be a strong indicator of how the film is going to turn out.

The article says that although Internet commenters were up in arms about the idea, The Longest Yard worked well and earned more than the original – well I'm not going to analyse ticket prices and such in that conversation, let's just move on – and that remake starred Adam Sandler.

What kind of Slap Shot would you like to see, now that you have to see it remade, and who would you want to be the lead? Adam Sandler?



It's fine with me, but I would prefer to have it still set in the 70's.

Sam Rockwell would be great for the lead role. In the real world though,I think Clooney will get it in a heartbeat...It seems like something he would be pegged for...
I agree, Has to be in the 70's...
This will be really hard to pull off, but its still got more potential than another straight to dvd sequel with a Baldwin brother.
I agree Richard, the cast is going to really make or break this one, I think their best shot would be casting it with comedians, really solid improving young guys from LA or New York underground, from the likes of the Upright Citizens Brigade or SNL.
If goes the route of mainstream (Sandler,Kevin James etc...), than it will most likely fail on every level.
Curious story though.

I see Clooney. Ocean's 11 could basically cast the whole team, but I think Clooney could pull it off. I'd like Hank Azaria to play the goalie, I see Jon Heder as a Hanson brother.

Killer: Matt Broderick, although he is kinda old.

Shawn Hatosy would make a kickass Killer.


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