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Smith Family Robinson?

WillSmith.jpgWe already know that the Will Smith likes to keep it in the family. He and Jaden Smith are working together on The Karate Kid remake.

Now the Smith family could be starring altogether, in a remake of The Swiss Family Robinson.

The Swiss Family Robinson sees a family become shipwrecked on an island, and have to set up home in unfamiliar territory. It was last made into a film by Disney in 1960, starring John Mills and Dorothy McGuire.

Production Weekly, through /Film, has a listing for a film called The Robinsons. Which is being set up with the Smith family starring. That would be Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and all three of the Smith kids, Trey, Jaden and Willow. The rough plot has the family becoming shipwrecked in the East Indies, on their way to Australia. No doubt updated for the 21st Century.

Nothing more than that at this stage. I'm thinking with Will Smith's comedy background, it could turn out not half bad. I'm not sure if it needs the whole of the family involved though. What do you think, does The Swiss Family Robinson need updating? Are the Smith family, the right people for the job?



This is a great post. I usually get annoyed by the media gushing all over Will & Jada, however, in this case, I do believe that a remake of The Swiss Family Robinson into The Robinsons for the 21st Century is a great idea. I think that with the onset of a new era in politics with the election of President Obama and the presence of his family, a Black family in the spotlight, I think it's important for the movie industry to reflect this changing landscape in their offerings for movie goers. And the fact that they plan to set the film in the West Indies is also very important and perhaps the Island culture will be thrust into a new light as well. We need to see a positive Black family on film, doing something together, even if it is being stranded out to sea, maybe it will put an emphasis on family life and spending time together.


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