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Spike Lee on L.A. Riots

SpikeLee.jpgSpike Lee's plan to make a film based on the Los Angeles riots of 1992, look to be on hold for the foreseeable future.

Seems the studio won't meet the budget required for recreating all the mayhem. And Spike Lee isn't for settling.

The riots began after four police officers were acquitted on charges of excessive force against Rodney King. This after a videotape had been recorded, of Rodney King being beaten after he had been pulled over on a speeding violation. 55 people died, and $1 billion of damage was done.

Spike Lee was working on L.A. Riots with John Ridley in 2006. And he had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve.

This isn't about some cavalcade of stars, but rather a truthful and realistic examination of what happened, what the ramifications were and where we are now, in hopes that something like this doesn't happen again.

Two years later though and no film has appeared. Lee told MTV Movies Blog that the reason it hasn't moved forward is the old favourite, money.

We didn’t get the money that we needed to make the movie I wanted to make. How can you scale back the LA riots?! That’s not the movie I want to make. The studio said, ‘Scale it back.’ What’s the point?

He has a point. How do you film a representation of a riot, and tone it down. I guess news footage only gets you so far. He still thinks the film should be made though.

It’s not dead. But it’s…it’s on the shelf. Let’s use that term. It still should be made—I want to make it.

Guess we will have to see if Lee gets the budget he needs to do the film properly. If not, it might be doubtful if we see it at all.



Spike Lee just seems like the angriest person in the world to me. You can almost see the chip on his shoulder.

It's either that or everyone in Hollywood really is against him.


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