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Stalked: Anne Hathaway, Mickey Rouke

Anne Hathaway and Stephen Chow may be collaborating.

And Mickey Rourke has yet another new role.

Seems Anne Hathaway may be joining Stephen Chow in his new film. Chow's new Hollywood film is said to be "about a superhero, action-packed, special effects-rich, and of course funny." Jack Black is already onboard and Chow is busy writing the script. The news is from China.org.cn, through Superherohype.

Mickey Rourke can't go a week without getting a new role these days. Next up is St.Vincent, where he will play a hitman. Returning to New York to finish a botched job, he poses as a priest. He then ends up hearing the confession of the man he is supposed to kill. The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.



Mickey Rourke portrays a hitman in his latest film "Killshot".

For a great actor who has shown his chops and paid his dues, he richly deserves material a bit more interesting than what's being offered here.

But if he has to be a hitman, just simply has to be, then how about a continuation of "Body Heat" alongside original cast members William Hurt and Kathleen Turner (Ted Danson and J.A. Preston).

Toward the end of that film, Hurt went to prison in 1981 for murder; Mickey's character also, for two-counts of arson resulting from his foolish involvement (separately) with Hurt and Turner.

Okay, so now it's almost 30 years later and Hurt has been released. Once he's on the outside, he hires Mickey, who's been paroled, to track down and take out Turner who's become a self-made widow/billionaire, having murdered her way into fashionable society to become a prominent doyenne.

But there's a twist...(because there has to be).

"Body Heat" is just what Hollywood is looking for: a brand name with a built-in audience; a sequel that offers both old and new panting fans of Mickey Rourke something old and new to pant about.


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