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Stalked: Barker on Hellraiser, Fry on Horsley, Jackson on Fury, Aphrodite IX, Suicide Squad, Routh on Dead of Night

Clive Barker has been talking about the Hellraiser remake and that Pinhead effects shot...

Stephen Fry is producing a film about Sebastian Horsley...

Samuel L. Jackson is signed as Nick Fury for Iron Man 2 and much more...

Aphrodite IX is to be adapted for film...

Suicide Squad gets a writer...

Dead of Night is a monster horror with Brandon Routh...

Clive Barker has been talking about the Hellraiser remake and that Pinhead effects shot. Speaking to Bloody Disgusting he revealed that he's quite up for the remake and wants everyone to have fun. Like another famous horror author though he's not concerned about the original film being ruined, after all it's still there isn't it? He's excited about the prospect of a new version of his story and film, and on the subject of that Pinhead effects picture that came out as an attempt to gain a job by the maker - oh dear.

"I didn't like them...I thought they were provocative in the sense of hopefully making people take notice of what worked and what didn't work. I feel that the Pinhead design works best because it's geometric. It's very severe and schematized. Each of the squares are the same size, all the scars are laid out in a straight line. It isn't the work of somebody going at somebody else's face with a chainsaw. That, I think, is what makes the thing scary - ritual scarification. This is not crude, vicious slashing.

"I think the combination of a very organized system of scarring with a nail at every intersection is almost mathematical in its precision. The fact that that's been done to somebody or worse, that they've done to themselves, is what makes that image powerful. Once you take away the squares all being the same size and the nails all being the same length, you are just left with a slasher victim, which I don't think Pinhead is. I think Pinhead is a priest at the alter of a S & M."

Oh well, it doesn't always work.

Stephen Fry is producing a film about Sebastian Horsley the controversial writer and artist from his novel Dandy in the Underworld (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). Fry's Sprout Films is producing a film based on his memoirs that describe a life of drugs, prostitutes and prostitution of himself, and the famous moment where he underwent voluntary crucifixion for an art show, as well as his exclusion from the U.S. for moral turpitude, a phrase that everyone loves to use about the man's life. The story from Variety through Starpluse sounds extremely interesting and controversial.

Samuel L. Jackson is signed as Nick Fury for Iron Man 2 and much more as he seems to have signed a deal that would mean he would play Nick Fury in some nine future superhero films as the man behind the secret government agency, Shield. This is of course an option and the films might not get made, but Variety tell us that we'll be seeing him in Iron Man 2 for sure, and possibly films such as Captain America, Thor, The Avengers and The Shield, with perhaps a few sequels thrown in too.

Aphrodite IX (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is to be adapted for film, and another 3D film no less. The film will tell the story of the comic book character who is a cyborg assassin that gains self-awareness during one of her missions and heads out to find out about herself and get some answers to her origins. While she's searching she discovers a group of cyborgs who are trying to undermine the government and takeover. It sounds an interesting story and comes from Top Cow, the comic company behind Wanted (Filmstalker review). I wonder if we're looking for another hit? The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through SciFi Wire (who don't give a link to the source) where Nekrosoma suggested Moon Bloodgood for the role. Now I haven't read the comic, but I'd be dead up for that casting decision, especially in 3D!

Suicide Squad gets a writer in the guise of Justin Marks according to The Hollywood Reporter. Originally the 1960's story featured team of normal people who fight monstrous villains, while it was reinvented in the 1980's as a remake of The Dirty Dozen with super-villains, as a group of the aforementioned villains who are given a shot at forgiveness by being sent on missions that will most likely kill them, yes does sound like The Dirty Super Dozen.

Dead of Night is a monster horror with Brandon Routh leading, adapted from the comic Dylan Dog (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), it's about a private investigator who discovers the world of the undead while on a case. Kevin Munroe is directing while Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly have written the screenplay. According to The Hollywood Reporter the story was moved from the UK to the deep south of Louisiana, which actually sounds like a good change for the film.



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