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Stalked: Casting for Killer Inside Me, Smokin' Aces: Blowback, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Womb, Rum Diary, Flash

Kate Hudson, Bill Pullman and Ned Beatty join The Killer Inside Me...

Smokin' Aces: Blowback is courting Tom Berenger...

Guardians of Ga'Hoole gains Jim Sturgess, Geoffrey Rush, and more...

Womb has cast Eva Green...

Rum Diary has gained Richard Jenkins and Aaron Eckhart...

There's a casting rumour for The Flash...

Kate Hudson, Bill Pullman and Ned Beatty have joined the cast of The Killer Inside Me from director Michael Winterbottom according to Production Weekly through Bloody Disgusting. They join the already cast Elias Koteas, Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba. This is already turning out to be a superb cast for a novel that has great potential to be a strong thriller, it just depends how they play it. When I read the novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) I thought it would have been a great touch if we slowly had the reveal as to who the killer was rather than a big reveal or, as in the novel, the story reveals it from very early on.

Tom Berenger and Sofía Vergara are joining the direct to DVD sequel to Smokin' Aces (Filmstalker review), Smokin' Aces: Blowback. The Berenger news comes from Moviehole while the Vergara news comes from Blackfilm, both through IESB. Berenger is in talks to play the lead, the FBI agent trying to track down all the killers, and Vergara is set to play an assassin, of which there will be many I'm sure.

Zack Snyder's Guardians of Ga'Hoole has gained Jim Sturgess, Geoffrey Rush, Rachael Taylor and David Wenhem according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Eva Green has signed up to star in Womb, a film set in the future as a woman who decides to clone her dead husband. According to Variety through Coming Soon Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf is set to direct.

Aaron Eckhart is in negotiations to join and Richard Jenkins has already joined the adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's book The Rum Diary (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) that stars Johnny Depp. Eckhart is playing a character who is chasing Amber Heard's character along with Depp's. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

According to thinkmcflythink through Latino Review, Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights fame is in the running for the role of the superhero The Flash.



Oh boy a Smokin' Aces sequel.


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