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Stalked: Darren Bousman, Curtis Hanson, Eliza Dushku, Matthew Goode

Darren Bousman is going underwater.

Curtis Hanson has a cloned killer to deal with.

Eliza Dushku is after Emily Blunt's job.

And Matthew Goode is helping Amy Adams.

Darren Bousman is turning to a heist film next, but it's one with a difference. He is to direct Akula, a heist film set on a submarine. It sees an experienced criminal team up with a female DEA agent. Their plan is to carry out the diamond heist on a constantly moving submarine, 600 metres under the sea. Sounds like it could be interesting. The news comes from /Film.

Curtis Hanson is in talks to direct Gemini Man, with Jerry Bruckheimer producing. It follows an ex NSA agent who retires, only to find himself the target of an assassin. That would be problem enough, except the assassin is a cloned version of his younger self. The news is from Variety.

Last we heard Emily Blunt had already been offered the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2. That may prove difficult with Blunt also attached to Gulliver's Travels. Eliza Dushku is not hanging about though, she's already offering herself up for the role. In fact nigh on begging for the role. Comic Book Movie, say she was offering herself up for the role on Howard Stern's show. Nothing like playing hard to get.

Matthew Goode has joined the cast of Leap Year. Amy Adams is already starring, as a woman who travels to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend. Weather intervenes though, and she ends up with a cynical Irish innkeeper along to help her make it. Goode is the innkeeper helping Adams on her way. The news is from Variety.



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