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Stalked: Robert Capa, Sandra Bullock, Katherine Heigl

Pierce Brosnan's company is making a film about Robert Capa.

Sandra Bullock is sticking with comedy in Blindside.

And Katherine Heigl is in one of those Ashton Kutcher films.

Pierce Brosnan's film company is to make a film based on the life of Robert Capa. The photo-journalist covered many conflicts, including the Spanish Civil War and World War II. He was also one of a few photographers who managed to land in Normandy on D-Day. The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.

Sandra Bullock is to star in another comedy. She will be in Blindside, a sports comedy drama. It follows a young man who is set to be the first pick in the NFL draft. After being homeless as a teenager, he is taken in by a rich family. Bullock plays the mother of the household. The news comes from Variety.

Variety also say Katherine Heigl is joining Ashton Kutcher in Five Killers. The film sees a young couple meet while on holiday. After getting married, the honeymoon period is soon over, as they suspect their neighbours may be hired killers out to get them. I'm already put off...



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