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Stalked: Zombies of Mass Destruction, Fiennes directs Coriolanus, Mangold thriller

Zombies of Mass Destruction is getting adapted...

Ralph Fiennes is to direct a film called Coriolanus...

James Mangold is to direct a true story legal thriller...

Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain are adapting the comic ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction (Amazon.com) which was created by Kevin Grevioux, the writer of Underworld, and follows an elite team of soldiers who are sent on a covert mission into enemy territory in the Middle East. However once there they realise that the enemy is not the standard enemy, and are in fact an army of undead humans created by some secret government project. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Ralph Fiennes is making his directorial debut with an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Roman tragedy Coriolanus. The play is set in the early years of the Roman Republic and is said to be one of his strongest examinations of how power corrupts. Fiennes is going to tackle the traditional Kenneth Branagh territory by not only adapting and directing but by playing the lead role of the soldier who is pushed by his ambitious mother to run for the Roman Senate. According to Variety Vanessa Redgrave is in talks to play his character's mother.

James Mangold, recently responsible for the 3.10 To Yuma remake and one of my favourites Cop Land, is about to make a legal thriller based on a true story. According to Empire the story is of two brothers who are both lawyers in New Orleans who teamed up to fight a multinational oil company on behalf of the families of workers who were killed in a typhoon that sank the company's oil rig which was moored in the South China Sea.



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