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Stallone and Schwarzenegger in Expendables

Stallone-Arnie-Willis.jpgIt's hard to believe but the rumour is that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be joining Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables for a cameo appearance. Yes, I know it's not what we wanted, but it's damn close. Actually it's not what I wanted, let's put it like that and see what you think once you've read who he will be playing.

The casting for his action film The Expendables is already looking fantastic and with Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture all set to star and rumours of Forest Whitaker and Robert Knepper, you have to be thinking that this is something special already.

The confirmation has come through that the previous rumour that Mickey Rourke has indeed signed on is true, I say confirmation because the heavy hints in the AICN story through Total Film are that Sylvester Stallone himself has passed on these titbits.

Yes, there is indeed more. The rumour that Ben Kingsley was to be starring in The Expendables was also true, however that has fallen through and he's been replaced by Eric Roberts.

However the huge news is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be playing none other than Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the action film.

Now that, for me, is a huge disappointment. I certainly know that I've been waiting for ages and hoping that we'd see some line up of the old action stars either alongside, or against, each other. However the likelyhood of that has been growing dimmer as the years progress, and I think The Expendables was our last, best hope.

Not so then if Arnie is not playing an action role, and it looks like he won't be. He'll be popping in to do something Governor like and then head out again, and that's disappointing for me for sure and it sounds a little more like self promotion than anything. I really wanted to see him and Stallone together doing some hard assed action like the old days.

However I can quell my tears on the fact that we have Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and new boy Jason Statham alongside Sylvester Stallone, but not really Arnie.

I think the days of wishing for that ideal eighties action line-up from above are long over and The Expendables is the closest we're going to come to it.



I share your disappointment Richard.


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