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Stone snubs Wall Street sequel, on for Pinkville

OliverStone.jpgOliver Stone has very clearly said that he does not want to do another Wall Street film, even if the studio are busy racing towards bringing one out. However the really good news is that he's still pushing for the Pinkville project we heard about some time ago about the My Lai massacre of Vietnamese people by U.S. soldiers.

We had heard that Pinkville had been killed by the writer's strike, however that seems to have been put to rest as Stone himself tells us that it's far from dead.

Oliver Stone has said that Pinkville isn't dead, although he's not entirely sure that this is the right time for the story:

“Pinkville is not dead...I own it. I could activate it again. I don’t know if the time is right now with the Iraq War still going on, but I love that project and it’s an important one. My Lai is a forgotten piece of history that’s crucial to remember. You never know, these things come alive.”

Well that's great news through MTV because I think the story is hugely relevant, even with the Iraq war on just now, and it would be the first time I'd heard of Oliver Stone backing away from the controversy of a film instead of going towards it.

Pinkville tells the true story of the massacre of an entire village of Vietnamese people at the hands of U.S. soldiers, and how some tried to stop the killing and save the wounded, while others were caught up in the orders they were given and the belief they were doing the right thing.

Just as the writer strike hit the film we heard that it had picked up an interesting cast, with Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum, Woody Harrelson and Michael Peña

Before this we heard the following about the film:

“Willis plays General William R. Peers who supervised the investigation into the events of the massacre while Tatum will play the helicopter pilot Hugh Thompson who tried to stop the killing. After he witnessed what was happening he tried landing his helicopter between the troops and the remaining civilians ordering his crew to fire on the soldiers if necessary, then he evacuated as many survivors as he could. Thompson is the one who reported the event to the U.S. authorities.”

The story sounds a harrowing one but could provide a fascinating insight into what happens with people in war, and although this event happened back in the Vietnam War, it’s surprisingly relevant today, particularly with the Iraq War and certain events that have happened there.

Another surprise is that he won’t be involved with the Wall Street sequel, a film which could be even more relevant today than when it was first talked about. Although the studio are racing ahead with it, Oliver Stone says he doesn’t want to be involved:

“I dropped out...I didn’t want to do another ‘Wall Street’ movie. I think everything I had to stay came through.”

It’s strange because originally he was on the project and worked on the script with Stanley Weiser, but it just wasn’t working out for him, and he explains why:

“We invested this a while ago…but we couldn’t come up with the right way to go about it. I think there’s an interesting movie to be made in there. I’m just not interested because it’s so complex now. I don’t think people can understand security derivatives. But these types of people [on Wall Street] — essentially it’s the same mentality”

I can understand that, right now the complexities of the financial markets are very difficult to get your head around as an individual, but then the marketplace is just filled with stories where Gecko could so easily return, but that does depend if Michael Douglas wants to take up the role again.

When we first heard about it back in 2006, the plan was to keep Gecko in it:

"It's a continuation of the Gordon Gecko story....set twenty-odd years later", I'm told. "Basically, it'd start with Gecko coming out of jail - everything caught up with him, as it did most people like him at the end of the 80s - and then having to apply his ways to the very changed world."

However I wonder now if that’s going to be the case and we might just be looking at something completely different now. Would Douglas want to take up a role in the film now that Stone isn’t involved? Is it going to be anything to do with the original Wall Street now, and is that maybe a good thing?

I still think there’s a strong film in there, but I don’t believe it has anything to do with Gordon Gecko or the Wall Street story we remember.



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