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Superman Unleashed - What does it mean?

Superman.jpgLegendary Pictures have released something that perhaps they shouldn't have, the working title of the new Superman film, and what is it? Superman Unleashed.

It was placed on a password protected area of their internet site and was noticed by a reader, broken on the internet, and taken offline soon after. It could all be a clever marketing ploy, or it could be the actual working title for the film. If it is the latter, what does it mean?

Well if we're to dissect that title that /Film's scooper got hold of from Legendary Pictures, we get two words, Superman and Unleashed. Well the Superman isn't that helpful because we know the film's about him! However it's the second word that's much more interesting.

Let me quote the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary for the meaning of the word Unleash:

“unleash: verb [T]
to release suddenly a strong, uncontrollable and usually destructive force:
At worst, nuclear war could be unleashed.
Rachel's arrival on the scene had unleashed passions in him that he could scarcely control.”

Unleashed suggests that something that is powerful and dangerous has been held in, pulled back, restrained, and then let free, and that's an interesting thought.

If we look back to the previous stories there are two suggestions there. One is the story just before Superman Returns – why did he leave and come back? What happened? Did he perhaps become “unleashed” for some reason and have to leave Earth to find himself again?

That also harks back to the idea from Superman III, remember the one with Richard Pryor playing the guy who skims off the decimal points from all the salaries in the corporation he works at, and is pulled into making a supercomputer? At the same time kryptonite mixed with tobacco (moral message there kids) makes Superman evil and he does some dire things.

Now I'm not suggesting that we'd see the same storyline, but it could be the prequel to Superman Returns and we could well see Superman becoming bad and being “unleashed” of sorts.

However looking at the way Hollywood is just now and the bandwagon nature of their studios, I can see something here. Superman will be darker, much darker, and they'll make him more and more of a vigilante, ready to do anything to get the pesky and annoying humans sorted out. More of an egotistical being who realises his own standing in the world, but still willing to help.

Now that sounds like Batman.

The other, more tame side of this is, that perhaps it's a story of revenge. Maybe we'll see the evils in the world push Superman too far and in the eyes of revenge he loses control over his morality and heads out on a rampage to satisfy his feelings, and perhaps save something he's fighting for? Think how he would have been in the first Superman had Lois Lane been crushed to death?

What does Unleashed mean to you?



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