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Ten Little Indians modern remake

SocialNetwork.jpgNow this is a remake. When we hear remake these days we expect the rubbish that Hollywood is churning out, the same film with next to no changes. Slap in some MTV music, teenage to twentysomething hip actors, fast paced edits and we're done.

Now though there's something different this time. Take Ten Little Indians, bring it into a modern day American high school, and put social networking at its core. Now we're talking about what a remake should be about.

The plot is being kept quiet for now, something that you'd understand if you'd seen Ten Little Indians you'd understand exactly why. That mystery thriller is a carefully created set of twists and turns to lead you in directions that aren't the actual answer. I love being toyed with in a story like that.

T.S. Faull is the name that has signed up to write the story which will integrate social networking and high school in some way that mirrors the ideas of Ten Little Indians. Well I think we can tell where that one will go.

However that's a great remake idea isn't it? That really is a modernisation, re-imagination, whatever you want to call it, that's what this truly sounds like.

Of course the story from Variety is in the early stages, and when Faull has a script and a director takes it to the screen it could turn out any way, however Bob Weinstein seems to be set on which way it's going to go.

“Online social networking is a widespread phenomenon that interests me greatly...Combining it with a suspense thriller is a new and fresh way to explore this new trend.”

I totally agree, and Faull gives away a little more about the core idea:

“Social networking is alluring, but one always takes a risk when engaging on these sites...Online identities can be deceptive.”

I can see us getting a dearth of films about social networking and the darker side, but the idea of taking a great Agatha Christie tale and film and reworking it in this way is pretty inspired as remakes go don't you think?

For me this is what the word remake should refer to, not a shot by shot or an identical story. I just wish that meaning of the word, in reference to film, just didn't exist at all.



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