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The Boat that Rocked new trailer online

TheBoatthatRocked.jpgThere's a new trailer online for The Boat that Rocked and thankfully it's a lot better than the previous one we saw and it brings more depth and story to the film rather than just setting the scene, and actually it looks a lot of fun.

The Boat that Rocked is the story of a pirate radio station off the coast of Britain that comes under the close scrutiny of the British authorities for the seemingly corrupting nature it is having on society.

There's a big cast in there too, and many of the normal Working Title names too, but now we're seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman alongside Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh – is that the first time they've both been together since Much Ado About Nothing when they were together? - Nick Frost, Rhys Ifans, Jack Davenport, Gemma Arterton, and on.

The first trailer for The Boat that Rocked was okay, but it didn't seem to suggest anything new from Richard Curtis, now this trailer has a little more story that does suggest there's something interesting to be had.



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