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The Descent: Part 2 trailer online

TheDescent2.jpgWell the first teaser trailer as arrived for The Descent: Part 2, and while there are some interesting moments, for the most part it does look like a poor copy of the original and a direct to DVD film, but then were we really expecting anything else? I surely wasn't.

The story continues from right after where The Descent (Filmstalker review) finished off. The lone surviving female from the potholing expedition is found as the police and mountain rescue are trying to find them. She remembers nothing, psychologically scarred by what occurred, and when they discover the cave system the authorities take her with them to find out what happened.

Of course the same thing happens again, although there looks to be a little more than last time, including something coming out of a dead person's mouth. Hopefully it's just a rat and they aren't trying to suggest anything more.

However none of the teaser for The Descent: Part 2 really hits home for me, it certainly is close that's for sure, but it doesn't look or feel like the first film, and while that might be viewed as a good thing normally, it isn't here because it just feels a little lacking on tension, suspense, horror and definitely originality.

I could be very unfair in saying that because this is early teaser trailer footage, but then again. See what you think by watching the footage over at Bloody Disgusting through AICN.



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