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The Invisible Man sequel

TheInvisibleMan.jpgDavid S. Goyer has revealed that he's writing a sequel to H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), and he's been speaking about his intentions for how the story picks up as a sequel to the story, and how Wells may have intended this from the beginning.

The Invisible Man tells the story of a man who finds a scientific method for making a creature invisible. He uses it on himself and finds that he can't come back from what he's done. He is invisible forever, or until he finds a way to reverse it.

David S. Goyer is a cracking writer, and he's just recently written and directed The Unborn which has just hit cinemas this weekend, but the idea of a sequel to a classic by H.G. Wells seems to be unthinkable, or is it?

“At the very end of HG Wells’ book it mentions that the Invisible Man has kept all of his secrets in these three journals and it establishes that those journals are still out there...You almost wonder if HG Wells wasn’t intending to write a sequel at some point anyway, because he clearly leaves it that this secret is out there.”

That's what Goyer says through Total Film who have the interview with him. The sequel connection does sound a little convoluted, but then if Wells wrote that then that's the connection that's there.

“I just thought it would be interesting to do a direct sequel, so my movie begins in 1900 and Scotland Yard has become aware of the journals but they don’t have them in their hands...

...It sort of reimagines The Invisible Man in a way that Stephen Sommers did with The Mummy, in that it opens it up, much bigger in scope.”

Now that paints an interesting picture, but don't you think when the studio's get their hands on the idea they'll want to set it in the modern day? I hope though that they do keep it in the 1900's and give it the same exciting treatment that The Mummy did.

What do you think? Could they really get this right?



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