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The NeverEnding Story to restart?

TheNeverEndingStory.jpgOh help us. This is getting depressing. The NeverEnding Story, which we thought had died a death on video and DVD, is likely getting resurrected in order to cash in on the already made idea projects, the already there audience, save money, and save on having to create something original.

Seriously though that's it isn't it? Unless you think there's something in that story that's unexplored, or needs to be revisited again? After all we haven't had many fantasy epic stories have we?

In the next article about the Total Recall remake I said that it's supply and demand, if we stop buying the tickets to remakes then we'll stop getting the remakes. If they stop earning money then Hollywood will move onto something else. However surely there's somet blame too with the Hollywood writers? Surely they are getting bored of just churning out remake scripts and collecting the money? What about directors too? Do they really believe that they can bring something new that the previous haven't?

The story today in The Hollywood Reporter, and now across the internet, is depressing quite frankly and reveals that the production companies behind the film are pretty surprising in size. The Kennedy/Marshall Co. and Leonard DiCaprio's production company are the ones involved in negotiations to bring the film back, and that's a bit of praise for the project already.

They say the same thing as the Total Recall remake story, almost identically, the film will be remade “...with a modern spin”. Oh come now. That means newer special effects, newer, younger actors, and what else? A decent story? A story that we haven't actually seen before? Probably not. There will be enough minor tweaks to announce it's different from the original, but not really enough to be a new story.

The original story tells of how a boy gets hold of a book called The NeverEnding Story which, when he opens it and reads it, and his life begins to merge into the book and a fantasy world comes alive.

Apparently we are going to get the more nuanced details of the original story that were either not mentioned or glossed over in the original film.

Although the story says that NeverEnding Story paves the way for the children's fantasies such as Harry Potter, it has to be said that it's going to change and earn a lot more because of these very films.

Right now though it's early days and there are no writers attached. I wonder who it will get considering there have been three films on the story already. Will it be able to break free of all the fantasy trilogies we've seen since? Is it even worth remaking? Oh, and is Limahl still available to do the NeverEnding song?



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