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The Resurrected sees Middle-Eastern Jesus

NadineAlRassi.jpgThe Resurrected is to be the first film about Jesus Christ to come from an Arab perspective. The film will be directed by the Lebanese director Samir Habchi and will focus on Jesus' life as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdelene.

The film will be shot on location and feature middle-eastern actors in the roles, facts that could well upset many Christian groups.

The US $2 million film is being produced by a couple of Lebanese companies with Samir Habchi currently in negotiations to direct the project currently called The Resurrected.

Youssef Al-Khal is all lined up to play Jesus who the Variety article describes as a thesp, however I've had a quick search and not been able to track down a picture or biography of him. Please, if you find something on the actor, let me know and I'll post it in.

What seems to be a little more interesting about this take on the life of the character of Jesus is, not only that it will be an all Arab production, but that it will tell the story in flashbacks from the perspective of Mary Magdelene and will focus more on the redemptive aspects of the parables and stories about Jesus.

Mary Magdelene is set to be played by Nadine Al-Rassi, a picture of whom I manage to get hold of.

Jamal Sannan, one of the producers of the film, spoke about the desire behind the film:

“This is a real attempt to go back to the mutual respect which existed between Christians, Muslims and Jews in this region for centuries...We’ve seen films about Jesus from the West but there has never been an Arabic production about him despite the fact that he came from here.”

The film will shoot on location within many of the sites where stories have Jesus visiting, including cities in South Lebanon, Nazareth and even Bethlehem. The latter will be a logistical minefield and might well depend on the current state of affairs between Israel and Palestine at the time, however the location shooting and authentic actors will provide an authenticity to the stories that we probably have never seen before.

The production has already received an official blessing from Lebanon’s Maronite Christian Patriarch, however I wonder if other Christian leaders around the world will be so open armed for the production?



Hey thanks for the post, that sounds like an amazing movie, I'll have to check it out.

People seem to forget that Jesus was a young bearded male from the middle east, & that the bible's stories are in the middle east so I cant really see any reason Christian groups will be upset the movie is filmed in southern Lebanon & has middle eastern actors ?

There is still so many pockets of Christians all over the region that have been there since the biblical times & seem to be forgotten by the rest of the Christian world, lets hope a film like this can give them a little more notice from the rest of the world because from what I have read they seem to be declining quickly.

The Islamic view of Jesus is found in a total of twelve (12) references, as related in the Qur’an (Koran) believed by Muslims to be God’s final revelation.

Qur’anic verses also employ the term "kalimatullah" meaning “word of God” as a descriptor of Jesus, or creating the word of God uttered at the moment of Jesus’ conception.

Jesus in Islam is a messenger of God, a prophet who had been sent to guide the Children of Israel with new scripture—the Gospel. The Qur’an states that Jesus was born to Mary as the result of virginal conception, a miraculous event which occurred by the decree of God or Allah. To aid him in his quest, Jesus was given the ability to perform miracles, all by God’s permission.

However, according to Islamic texts, Jesus was neither killed nor crucified, but rather raised alive to heaven. Islamic traditions narrate that he will return to earth near the Day of Judgment to restore justice and defeat “the false messiah” (Antichrist). But...and it’s a big BUT...Jesus is viewed by Islam as an ordinary man who preached that salvation came through submission to God’s will, and regards all prophets, including Jesus, to be human and without any share in divinity. And like all prophets of Islam, Jesus is considered to have been a Muslim, as he preached for people to adopt the straight path in submission to God's will, and to worship God alone.

Islamic text forbid association of “partners” with God by emphasizing God’s divine oneness, while rejecting the notion that Jesus is “God incarnate” or “the son of God”—clearly, Jesus was mortal and, like other prophets, had been divinely chosen to spread God’s message.

Wonderfully convoluted and inviolate, numerous titles are given to Jesus in the Qur’an such as “the messiah” or recognition of Jesus’ status as a messenger of God, speaking on God's behalf. Islam also calls Jesus “the anointed one”. Neither term corresponds to the Christian concept. Muslim exegetes explain that these titles refer to Jesus’ status as the one anointed by honors; for example, helping cure the sick or healing the blind. Jesus, here, is seen as a precursor to Muhammad, believed by Muslims to have foretold the coming of the latter.

So, indeed, the idea to have an Islamic point of view on the subject of Jesus (not viewed as “the Christ”) will undoubtedly provoke religious debate. But should anyone discount casting a Muslim in the role of Jesus, it will probably center more upon Islamophobia and ignorance than one’s belief system and the rituals of faith.

No problem Soul. That was my point, the fact that Jesus would have been darker skinned being from the Middle East and not the pale skinned image that we see in so much literature.

Frederick thanks for that huge piece of background, fascinating, especially for someone who has little knowledge of the Qur’an or the Islamic views of the stories of Jesus.


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