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The Taking of Pelham 123 trailer online

JohnTravolta-Pelham123.jpgTrailers come and trailers go, and then there are trailers from the hands of Tony Scott, and the trailer for the remake of The Taking of Pelham 123 is looking superb, more than that it looks damn powerful.

This is a superb trailer, cut very well, layered with great sound and music, and the tension of the two leads is ramped up to the maximum. It's definitely worth watching.

Okay, there are shades of Denzel Washington in Inside Man (Filmstalker review), and there might be a tiny spoiler contained in there, but I don't think you'll put it together as you'll be pulled along by the sheer speed and excitement of the trailer itself.

This is what trailers are supposed to be.

The film tells the story of the hijack of Pelham 123, a New York subway train. Stuck in the middle of the tunnel system the hijackers demand a huge ransom or they start killing hostages. The negotiation begins and the back and forth between the authorities who are confident that there's no escape for those aboard the train.

Directed by Tony Scott you can already see we're in for one hell of a ride just from the trailer, but with Denzel Washington facing off against John Travolta, we're going to be in for some powerful acting and some huge posturing moments as they play off of each other.

Here's the trailer for The Taking of Pelham 123 on the official film website through Coming Soon. Just click through that opening video and get to the trailer link.



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