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Updated: Triangle trailer online

MelissaGeorge.jpgMelissa George is a cracking actress, as well as being absolutely stunning, and she's going from strength to strength, but right now she seems stuck in horror films that are a little off the beaten track. While 30 Days of Night and WAZ (Filmstalker review) were excellent, I'm not so sure what her latest film is going to turn out like, although there are some great concepts in it.

Triangle comes from the writer/director of Creep and Severance and seems to tell the story of a group of people aboard a yacht caught in a really strange time loop.

Christopher Smith is the man behind the script and the camera and has Melissa George headlining the cast for this film where the trailer speaks volumes. It tells the plot of the film really well, with a great final shot considering where the story is going.

It seems that it starts out as normal, a group of twenty-somethings out for a good time head out on a yacht for a wee cruise. However while at sea there's a strange storm and the yacht is damaged. They drift for a short while and come across a large passenger ship. Boarding it they find it completely deserted, strange indeed, but things are about to take some very strange turns.

Update: ICON have sent me an email demanding that I remove the trailer from the site because it infringes their copyright. They're happy to exploit the online community for marketing their films, except when it isn't on their terms. I'm not going to fight a big corporation though, even if they don't understand the Internet and the fact that the trailer is hosted elsewhere. They don't want me to promote Triangle, done. Thanks ICON, you can now ignore me again until I do something else wrong, pleasure working with you.

I really hope they haven't given away too much and that most of this is the first run through set-up for the film. That said, that final scene adds a great clincher to the trailer, but I do suspect it's a big reveal in the film.



Now that looks interesting!

Well it may have looked interesting, but ICON didn't think so.


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