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Wachowski's not making Superman

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgNow here's a great example of rumours and the struggle to work out who to believe and who not to believe, but the latest batch of those dreaded “insider” stories has arrived to say that the Wachowski Brothers are not actually making a Superman trilogy.

We had heard that James McTeigue himself had said that the Wachowski's had been approached to make a Superman trilogy and the crowd had gone wild. Well someone else's insiders are saying that these insiders are talking rubbish.

However before I delve into it all remember that Bryan Singer has been saying that Warner Bros. haven't contacted him yet and he isn't divorced from the project either, so there's no word on if he's on or off yet.

Meanwhile Mark Millar is talking like he has the project, at least in the writing stages anyway, so you can see that it really is all over the shop at the moment. In a way it seems like Warner Bros. is actually playing off people against others to see what they could do for the next round of Superman.

Personally I don't think that Bryan Singer is done with the Superman restart, and I don't think that people should be thinking he is either, the first film had some great moments in it, although the whole kid part was a huge distraction for me and there wasn't enough edge to the character.

So don't discount him, and that's why I was surprised that that there was a story about the Wachowski Brothers directing the film, and even then it wasn't saying that they were, let's requote from the story that said that James McTeigue had...

“...stated the Wachowski Brothers had been approached to re-boot the franchise as a trilogy and they are currently reviewing their options”

They'd been approached, hold your horses, this could mean a lot of things, it doesn't necessarily mean that they have been offered the contract to direct. However that's a small point, the way it seems to be playing out is that everyone is being asked about the project.

Still, that story comes from a “scooper” and now a story from /Film tells us that their “insiders” are saying that the story is rubbish. That the report was false, and that there may even have not been an interview from McTeigue where he said this at all, and that the Wachowski's haven't even met with DC or Warner about the film.

Which set of “insiders” to believe?

Warner Bros. could I suggest that you get on the press wagon and tell the fans what the hell is happening with Superman? Even if you don't know yet, just clear up some rumours and let us know what you're thinking right now.



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