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Wachowski's to make Superman trilogy?

Wachowskis.jpgFile this one under big rumour for now, but could it be the Wachowski brothers are taking on a Superman trilogy?

The Superman reboot has been slow going at best. Is this the way forward?

The sequel to Superman Returns was going nowhere. And then they confirmed that they weren't going for a sequel, and that a reboot of the franchise was the plan. We also heard from Mark Millar, who had a vision to make a trilogy of films.

Now while talking about Ninja Assassin, James McTeigue has said that the Wachowski brothers could be the ones to reinvent Superman. A scooper over at AICN had this to say:

He stated the Wachowski Brothers had been approached to re-boot the franchise as a trilogy and they are currently reviewing their options as its like being asked to take the final play in a superbowl final. Says if they do agree, he will likely either succumb to providing second unit support on the movie or will champion the directorship of Plastic Man - He started to giggle as he stated its like a young child for the Brothers and they wont give that up easily.

To go along with this, apparently Bryan Singer has turned down the Superman reboot. And he will move onto Logan's Run instead. The Wachowski's are definitely no stranger to the world of comic books, either as writers or adapters. Could they make a great Superman trilogy?



Maybe they could make a great trilogy but to be honest I think that they shouldn't. The recent Superman film was poor and you can't really beat the originals can you? I know every other film you see at the moment is a remake but maybe they should leave Superman alone.

Apologies for the double post!

No problem, all sorted!

I'm beginning to think the original Superman films can't be bettered either. I'm also wondering if it's hard to reinvent Superman. In terms of the villains he can face, (it seems like you're always kind of tied to Lex Luthor) and making it appeal while still in a modern setting. Maybe Superman is just too nice a guy!

I have to say that the plane saving scene in Superman Returns really did get me right back to the original feeling of Superman, and there were some moments that did.

I think they could match the originals, but I'm not sure dropping Singer is the answer.


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