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Watchmen and Wolverine television adverts online

Wolverine.jpgThere are a number of television adverts for Watchmen online and one new one in the recently released Wolverine television adverts, the ones which are giving plenty away about the story for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The latest Wolverine spot isn't that bad for revealing too much as the previous ones have been, but tells the entire story in a quick as you like view.

You can see all the clips here, first off with the X-Men Origins: Wolverine advert which has a couple of clips of cyclops in action, a brief clip of Deadpool and a couple of shots of the other characters doing their thing in amongst the Wolverine angry action.

Then we have the six Watchmen clips which reveal quite a bit about Zack Snyder's vision for the comic on screen.

Third Wolverine television advert

First Watchmen television advert

Second Watchmen television advert

Third Watchmen television advert

Fourth Watchmen television advert

Fifth Watchmen television advert

Sixth Watchmen television advert



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