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Watchmen sequel – Cast signed?

Watchmen_Poster.jpgThis is quite incredible for Hollywood, although to be honest I don't think we should really be surprised, but the possibility of a another Watchmen film after this one seems insane to anyone who has read the comics or graphic novel, and yet the stars are all locked in for a second film.

Well they have the option in their contract at least, and it would need someone to make a good one that the stars would all want to be in, for I doubt Zack Snyder would be keen on the idea, and then when I start to think about it I see a possibility.

While it might not attract Zack Snyder to make another film that isn't based on an actual comic from the mind of Alan Moore, I can see the opportunity for something more from this series, but there would be a big problem, the Watchmen fans.

Speaking over at Moviehole through The Playlist, Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays The Comedian in Watchmen reveals that the actors are all signed up for sequels:

“We are all signed for sequels, but, ya know, there’d be no [Removed some character names for those who have no idea about the Watchmen story and want to remain that way] - - it’d be sorta useless. It’d have to be a prequel. But I’d say unless Alan Moore says he’s gonna write something, we’ll never see Watchmen 2.

There may be someone sitting in a room somewhere at Warner Bros waiting to see if this does OK, and ready to pitch another – but I doubt Zach would do another, and without him, I wouldn’t go back, and I can’t imagine any of the other actors would want to either.

It’s like the 300 sequel they’re talking about – how do you do that? I guess they can do a prequel – but it makes no sense. I’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall in the meeting in which someone brings up a Watchmen sequel – especially if it happens with Zach around, because he won’t want any part of it. I think this is it; what you see, is what you get. It was always a oner for me”

Now that he did say sequels, not just one either. However I'm not so sure that I can see a sequel, but I could see something else in the Watchmen film future, prequels.

While Jeffrey Dean Morgan says that he doesn't see how they could make a prequel, I certainly can, there's the whole back story in the comic book that talks about the Minutemen, the first superhero group that gave rise to the Watchmen group of superheroes, the group that was disbanded under government law, whom we rejoin after some time in the story of Watchmen.

So already, if you divorce yourself from the passion involved in the project for a few moments, you can see there are two potential sequels in there. There's the Minutemen themselves and their disbandment, then there's the rise of the Watchmen and their adventures leading to their disbandment through the turn of the government and their own actions.

That's two stories in there, and while the story of the Watchmen team first time around would see the return of the current cast list, the Minutemen story before them wouldn't need them at all, would it?

If they are locked down to do a sequel they could be asked back for the story of the Watchmen creation leading up to their disbandment by the government, and if they aren't willing to come back then the studio could just go for the Minutemen story.

Either way I could see ways the studio could make another film, but there would be so much resistance from the existing Watchmen comic fans....wouldn't there?

Then there's the cast, if they were willing to return we might see the early Watchmen story, and if they weren't then there's the Minuteman story. Would you genuinely be interested in seeing either of these, even if Snyder isn't interested in making them?



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