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Wolverine TV advert reveals past

WolverineOrigins.jpgThe first television advert for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has appeared online and it's rather interesting because it reveals a little about the character's past and what looks like one of the appearances of the talons or claws, whatever you'd like to call them.

It also sets up some of the relationship between he and his brother, as well as some of the reason he's carrying so much guilt and anger.

It's an interesting little advertisement that gives us a fair blast of his youth, but it does seem a little quick, over simplified and rather, well, dumb. I do hope it's just because they've edited it so harshly for the television that it feels like that.

Before I talk about it and show the video which I found through Superhero Hype, you might want to consider if you want to read about the reasons behind why Logan does what he does to get his Adamantium skeleton and become Wolverine.

Okay, that done, here's the clip for X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

So it tells us that while he's trying to work through the pain he's focussing on one of the most painful moments of his life which just so happens to be when he sees his father get murdered by a man who he then murders, only to discover that's his father. Greek tragedy it certainly sounds like.

Okay, that's a ton of guilt, and then to have a huge amount of pain through your body and relive the guilty experience as you do that's got to amplify it a few times and make it stick in your head.

Finally he runs away with his brother, probably his new found brother from his newly found, and killed, father. A brother that I think is Victor Creed aka Sabretooth and the one we'll see him battling against later in the film and life.

Hell of a defining moment for the character put down into sixty seconds.



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