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50 Cent replaced in The Expendables

50Cent.jpgSylvester Stallone has made a fast casting change once again in The Expendables. One moment Forest Whitaker was taking a role, then he was gone replaced by 50 Cent, and then as soon as we heard about that Stallone is all excited the new cast member to replace 50 Cent.

What's going on? For now 50 Cent is off and there's a new actor in the role.

No, I don't really know what's going on either, but Sylvester Stallone's previous update to the world about The Expendables casting list, minus Dolph Lundgren, seems to have been a bit premature because he's updated it yet again and revealed that 50 Cent is off the list already – he's hardly been on it.

According to his update through AICN, the new actor to take his place is former San Diego Charger Terry Crews, a huge beast of a man at over six foot tall. He's already appeared in a host of films – The 6th Day, Training Day, Harsh Times, Street Kings, and the upcoming Game and Terminator Salvation.

Still, although I've seen his face, I'm not really much wiser about him or his roles, and is he any better than 50 Cent? Who knows, but there are some good titles in there that might suggest otherwise.

However I don't know, it's a strange casting choice to go from Forest Whitaker to 50 Cent to Terry Crews. Still, Stallone is reportedly excited about the casting so who are we to say he could be wrong? At least before we knew what 50 Cent was like.



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