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Abrams producing diamond heist film

JJAbrams.jpgThe announcement of some producers onto projects usually falls by the wayside, after all they can be doing little more than receiving a pay cheque, or as much as arranging the finances and each day's shooting. However the announcement of J.J. Abrams onto a project gets everyone excited, whatever the capacity.

He's not attached to a film which I had thought I'd written about before, about the biggest diamond heist in the world.

The story is based on fact and will be adapted from a Wired magazine article, according to Variety, about Leonardo Notarbartolo who has just been released early from a ten year sentence based on circumstantial evidence that he was the man behind one of the biggest diamond thefts in the world.

He was arrested in 2003 for heading a group of thieves who broke into an underground vault beneath the Antwerp Diamond Center that was deemed impenetrable. They stole over US $100 million and it has never been found.

The real star here is not J.J. Abrams but the story itself, however the film should be careful and I hope it spends some time investigating the crime and Notarbartolo rather than barging headlong into the exciting Hollywood story and presenting it as an action/adventure heist film.

Oh who am I kidding, this won't be an intelligent look into what really happened and where the money could be, with Abrams in charge this is going to be action adventure all the way isn't it? Is that a bad thing with the money still out there and doubt over who carried out the crime?



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