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Alexander Skarsgård to be Thor?

Alexander Skarsgård.jpgOther than Captain America, one of the most eagerly awaited casting decision is that of Thor. With Kenneth Branagh directing, the whole project is looking exciting, and now a new name has been added to the list of possibilities.

Could Alexander Skarsgård be Thor?

Thor has been long in the making, with Matthew Vaughn originally directing until things took just too long to get going. His slightly unexpected replacement was eventually Kenneth Branagh. Still no concrete casting news on Thor himself though. But Kevin McKidd has been the one name that has always been around.

Now the latest rumour from Latino Review, says that Alexander Skarsgård could be the man to play Thor. The rumour all comes down to some people having a spot of lunch, namely Branagh and Skarsgård. That coupled with the usual rumours and rumblings, have put his name in the frame.

I haven't seen the man in action. But he seems to have the look of Thor, not to mention he is 6'4''. What do you think, would Alexander Skarsgård make a good Thor?



He seemed kind of effeminate in True Blood, although that may have been intentionally part of the character. I can't see him playing Thor though, personally.

Alexander Skarsgard would be the ideal choice to play Thor. He's a wonderful actor, has a rep for hard work and commitment to a role, is very handsome with a killer bod (which would need beefing up for the role).

I bet Branagh (a great talent himself) will choose based on acting ability first and looks second. But Skarsgard is the perfect selection for Thor.


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