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American Jesus film

AmericanJesus.jpgMatthew Vaughn and Mark Millar are discussing the possibility of adapting another of Millar's comics, he's just filmed Kick-Ass, American Jesus (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The story is simply this, Jesus is resurrected in modern day America as a twelve year old boy, and he has to begin his destiny to battle the Antichrist and save humanity, as if it deserves to be saved.

Well this is sure to come in for some big flack from the religious groups, and like Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn is going to have to look outside the studio system to ensure this gets made without radical changes from the cash hungry executives.

Vaughn really had to take Kick-Ass outside of the studios because the story of ultra-violent teenagers engaged in superhero and villain type activities just wasn't something that they'd make without heavy alterations and editing, and that looks to be the same for American Jesus.

There's also the fact that America has a large religious representation, and some of that is bordering on the fundamentalist, so seeing a film that brings the second coming to the modern day and a young boy is certainly going to make them feel that there's a little digging at their religion going on.

As for the news from The Hollywood Reporter that Vaughn is in discussions with Millar, I'm pretty sure that there's not much chance of it not happening. Here's to another great partnership, and hopefully without studio involvement. Let's just hope Kick-Ass is a success.



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