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Anne Hathaway as Judy Garland twice

JudyGarland.jpgSuperb casting choice as we hear that the Judy Garland biographical film that was announced back in February has a lead, Anne Hathaway, and what a great casting choice she is for the role, not just looks wise but also how she is viewed within Hollywood and her acting ability.

This is also a great role for Hathaway which will stretch her talent no end and really give her a meaty performance to get into. There's no debate that this could really change her career and take her in a different direction.

What's more is that she just isn't playing Judy Garland in a film story, but also the stage version of the same story.

It's unclear as yet which version will come first, or if indeed they will be developed together under one director. The article from Variety has the Vice President of Production for The Weinstein Co. saying that it would be easier, quicker and cheaper to produce the stage version, but that there is the possibility of getting one director who could create both together, most likely starting with the film version.

Now that latter option sounds like a mammoth task for a director, but then if they could get a talented director to do both then the film and stage versions would very much carry the same feel and tell the same story, that would be interesting. However would that limit the cross-over potential for ticket sales?

As we heard back in February, the story is the adaptation of the biographical novel Get Happy: the Life of Judy Garland (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) from Gerald Clarke and explores Judy Garland's life from all angles, not just looking at the darker side of her drinks and drugs addictions, it promises to be a much more rounded and deeper look into her life.

This marks a really strong film role for Anne Hathaway, although it's not her first time on stage. She's set to appear in a Shakespeare in the Park production of Twelfth Night this year as well, but I feel film wise this role could propel her in a different direction.



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