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Assassination of a High School President assassinated?

AssassinationofaHighSchoolPresident.jpgI've been waiting for Assassination of a High School President for ages, literally ages, it was first seen at Sundance on the 17th of January 2008, and again at South by Southwest on the 14th of March of the same year. Now it's 2009, a year later and we still haven't seen hide nor hair of it, in fact there's no release planned.

What's worse is that there looks like there won't be a cinematic release at all and it will head straight to DVD, and that's a crying shame for the film considering it's been getting so much praise.

Although the cast of the film is all relatively new and young, it does star Bruce Willis and Mischa Barton in leading roles. It was written by Kevin Jakubowski and Tim Calpin and directed by Brett Simon. Both writers previously worked on South Park, but don't let that fool you, this isn't anything like South Park.

The film is based in a Catholic high school where the SAT exams have been stolen and the local school newspaper reporter Bobby Funke is coerced into investigating the theft by the hottest girl at school, Francesca Facchini. During the investigation it seems that Principal Kirkpatrick is the one to blame, and when this is revealed and he gets taken down, Funke becomes a school hero. Except something seems to be amiss with the whole conspiracy and Funke finds it goes much deeper.

When the film was seen reviews were superb and the film was quickly shaping up to be a huge indie hit, similar to the smouldering success of Brick (Filmstalker review) but with bags more humour and much more accessible. However something terrible happened, the film company behind it was forced into involuntary bankruptcy and the film has been sitting ever since, unreleased, and unseen.

From the /Film story we learn that there are some complex laws behind this that mean it's not so easy just to pick up the film and start distributing it. While Sony own the DVD distribution rights studios are still trying to decide if they should invest the money to market the film and get it out to cinemas or just leave it to Sony to distribute on DVD and hope that it makes some money.

So if there's a chance that you're interested in the film leave a comment here, any other film site where they're talking about saving the film, leave a comment on IMDB asking it to be released in the cinema, get onto the Facebook site and join, whatever you can.

Thanks to /Film to highlighting the plight of Assassination of a High School President and for the links, however it's sad that this is just one of many, many films that face similar plights, and I'm not just talking about this studio's struggle with money, but films that studios just don't think will give them the mainstream audience or the profit returns that they want for their accounts, and you can understand that, they are a business after all.

However it's up to us to make the quality films succeed, to pay for the tickets for the good films, the real quality, and not the churned out, balance book earners. The plight of this film is just such an example of what's happening in Hollywood as the business dictates the films that get made and the films we get to see, while the quality films struggle to get the funding and prove that we might pay the money to see them.

So if we can get one saved isn't it worth it?



Get this film released now!!! - Briuce Willis is a genius and plays the few clips I hav eseen exceptionally well


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