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Chan's The Shinjuku Incident trailer online

JackieChan.jpgThe first trailer for Jackie Chan's latest film The Shinjuku Incident has appeared on-line and it's not what fans of the Hollywood Chan would be expecting, something that I think is a good thing. Here he's playing the role for drama, and there are no laughs and no wild action sequences, this is all about the acting.

Although the teaser trailer looks rather bitty and confusing, it is a pretty dark and ominous one, and doesn't bode well for his character.

Xin Su shi jian(The Shinjuku Incident) tells the story of a Chinese immigrant to Japan who is trying to find his missing girlfriend. She came over to see her Aunt but was not heard from again, and so he smuggles himself into the country and finds that he has to get into the Yakuza to track her down. He, and his fellow immigrants, get themselves into the Japanese underworld and soon become more involved in their dealings than they should be, Jackie Chan's character becomes a hitman for them. Then he finds his girlfriend and begins to fight for his revenge, and that of his fellow immigrants.

Well that's what the story blurb seems to be at the moment, I'd like to see more of a trailer to figure out if that's really what the case is. Have a look for yourself.

Whatever it does turn out to be though, this looks like a great move for Jackie Chan, especially getting away from that mild, middle of the road Hollywood rubbish he was being labelled with.

You can see the trailer in flash format from FirstShowing below or head over to the official website to see it and more.



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