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Chan-wook Park's Thirst trailer online

Chan-wookPark.jpgChan-wook Park is best known for films such as Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (Filmstalker review) and OldBoy (Filmstalker review) and so when there was word of him doing a vampire story rightfully so fans were excited.

Now the trailer for Thirst has arrived and it stars Kang-ho Song, from The Host (Filmstalker review), as a well respected priest who is turned into a deranged killer seeking the blood of his victims after a medical experiment goes wrong.

Throughout the trailer there's a haunting music that does match some of the scenes really well, and some of the visuals are fantastic, typical of Chan-wook Park.

CHUD through Bloody Disgusting (who don't give a link to the source article) have the YouTube trailer which you can see below, and a trailer which I'm really liking the look of.



Can't wait for this to hit.

Chan-wook Park is great. I hadn't heard about this until just now though. Can't wait.


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