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Chow not on Green Hornet?

TheGreenHornet.jpgIt's always confusing in the lead up to projects when the media have access to a press friendly person such as Seth Rogen, but I'm not sure that pre-production is supposed to be as confusing as whether or not Stephen Chow is involved in the film or not.

We first heard he was Kato, the assistant to The Green Hornet, then we heard that he was directing, then he wasn't directing and now there seems to be a doubt as to whether he's even going to star in the film or not.

Let's face it, we could probably guess why. The role does has something special for Asian actors, much more than we credit it with, for it was Bruce Lee's role originally in The Green Hornet television series, and that would mean that Stephen Chow would probably want to be pretty faithful to the character and not turn it into some form of American comic type role.

It's something along those lines anyway as the reason that was cited for Chow leaving the new version of The Green Hornet was creative differences, and that means disagreement about where the project was going. Did they want to make The Green Hornet too funny? Inject too much U.S. comedy into it?

Well no matter why he left, it was stated as creative differences, and a few days later he was talking about the project and revealed:

"If I direct 'The Green Hornet,' the superhero comedy will have to be delayed for two years...The timing might not be right for a superhero comedy in two years. And I want to make a movie based on an original idea."

So it looked like his mind was off the project already, and today it seems to be confirmed by Seth Rogen as he says through Latino Review:

"Honestly, we're not 100% on that right now. he might be, he might not be. We have no contract in place. But he could be. It's a distinct possibility. Don't rule it out. I wouldn't be shocked."

So that doesn't sound like he's anywhere near considering previously we heard he was on and that the project was a complete go. Rogen does put us at ease with the project though saying that they are re-writing the script (perhaps in order to get Chow on board) and building the car for the film.

Moving forward it may be, but it does seem that might well be without Stephen Chow.



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