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Chow Yun Fat as Confucius

ChowYun-Fat.jpgChow Yun-Fat, an absolute legend of Hong Kong cinema, is about to play another type of legend, that of the Chinese philosopher Confucius in a biographical film of the figure's life.

It seems that this is a bit of a change for the actor, and although he's had his more serious roles, this one will call on none of the skills he's more known for, such as his martial arts or his gun-toting leaping.

The film is going to tell the story of the famous philosopher Confucius and will also star Chen Daoming as another Chinese philosopher, Lao Zi, the man credited with the founding of Taoism.

Screen Daily through Screencrave tells us that Chow Yun-Fat is definitely signed up for the role in the Chinese film, but there's not much more to the story than that I'm afraid.

Confucius is, as you will realise yourself, an extremely well known name throughout the world and especially in China, however little is really known about the character and we in the West perhaps know little more than the odd catchphrase "Confucius says...".

Before you suggest it, he isn't mentioned in Bruces' Philosopher's Song.

Yun-Fat is a cracking actor, and even if you have only seen his western films you'll be aware of his talent just perhaps not as a professional actor, after all he has films such as The Monk to his name. However I'd forget them and look more to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Hard Boiled for some wildly different examples of the strength of his work.

It'll be interesting to see him play the role, a very bare role that will really test him as an actor. I just hope that it's not a film just made for Chinese audiences and that it's given a little westernisation so that we can see it and that the average western audience member can experience it too.



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