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Clash of the Titans plot changes

GemmaArterton.jpgGemma Arterton has been talking about her role in the remake/re-imagining of Clash of the Titans and while she's talking about the story and how much it differs from the original film, she reveals a little about what the plot of the new film will be, and that it may well be very different from the original film version.

She won't be playing Princess Andromeda it seems and will actually be playing a demi-goddess called Io, and with that she begins talking about the differences.

“My part is... the coolest part...Io’s not in the original film. Perseus falls in love with her and then [CENSORED FOR TINY SPOILER]. It’s a really great part.”

Wouldn't you love to know what she said in that spoiler moment over at Empire? I certainly would, but then I don't really want the film ruined for me, or you.

Speaking to Empire Gemma Arterton reveals that this Clash of the Titans script is very different to the first and that...

“...it’s much more about Perseus’ mission, and how he deals with being the son of Zeus, and things like that, so it feels a little more about him, and about the issues around that.”

Well I don't believe that makes it a lot different to the first film, just changes the direction a little. I think the big thing to take from her comment is how Perseus, being played by Sam Worthington, is going to be dealing much more with the fact that he's the son of Zeus than anything else, now that might bring in a lot more than the first film and also complicate the fact that he's fallen for a demi-goddess.

While I think that it's a good opportunity to update the Clash of the Titans story, it is a little concerning that Louis Leterrier is the director, not because he's bad or anything like that, just because of the films he's delivered before. So far we're talking stylised action, although The Incredible Hulk (Filmstalker review) did deliver a few surprises in that there was much more character in there and it did capture the Bruce Banner Hulk television feel.

So far it sounds interesting and I'm not writing it off just because it's a remake of a classic Clash of the Titans.



I'm all for a remake! As nostalgic as I am for the original, it's actually pretty awful. I look forward to seeing the story with modern fx instead of the cool, but terribly outdated, stop-action animation in the original.


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