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Clips 'n' Pics: Fast and Furious, Blood the Last Vampire, Star Trek

FastandFurious_Poster.jpgThere are a number of television adverts online today that I picked up, two for Fast and Furious and one for Star Trek. The Fast and Furious ones look damn good, and the Star Trek one tells us to forget everything we've seen before and concentrate on the new franchise they're trying to sell us.

Meanwhile a full Japanese trailer, with English voice over, has arrived online for Blood the Last Vampire and it looks even better than the last, although there looks to be a lot of flying wire work which might be a little difficult for the standard western audiences to take.

First up let's look at those two new Fast and Furious television adverts which make the film look way better than the previous footage we've seen, indeed even the trailer. We've got one telling us that this film has been remade even better than the rest, and the other ramping home the characters and the action, and not a dodgy piece of CGI in the either of the clips.

Then there's the clip for Star Trek, the new film which is hoped will continue the franchise for a few films with the new crew, who will surely be difficult to stick down to anything more than three or four films.

However this clip is telling us to forget everything we know, presumably about Star Trek, because we're going to have to sit down and watch a completely restarted franchise. Still, it looks exciting and high on action action.

Finally there's the clip for Blood: The Last Vampire, the Japanese film adapted from the short animated film and the comics which tells the story of a girl who looks sixteen years old but is really over four hundred. She was born to a human father and vampire mother and is half vampire, unfortunately half of her is the half that needs to feed.

She carries a bloodlust for the destruction of the vampire race though, and she's used by the government as a weapon to destroy them. A mission sends her into an American military base school to discover some vampires that may be hidden there, however once there she discovers that she may have the chance to destroy the head vampire and remove the race from the planet forever.

Here's the new trailer which looks pretty good. There's a lot of wire work, flying people, and huge fight sequences which might be a little inaccessible to the western audience who aren't used to watching this kind of film, but then they won't come and see a foreign film with subtitles, or perhaps even a voiceover, anyway.



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