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Cruise talks Mission: Impossible IV

TomCruise.jpgIt was back in 2006 that Tom Cruise was first talking about a Mission: Impossible IV film taking place in Tokyo, and while the original comment was a bit of a tongue in cheek reference to Mission: Impossible III (Filmstalker review), Cruise was still talking about it back then.

Well word is that he's appeared on Japanese television since then and has been talking about the same idea, a huge action sequence on the streets of Tokyo.

This is what Tom Cruise said about Mission: Impossible IV back in May 2006:

"People might not be very happy with the traffic but if they will please be patient and let us have it (downtown Tokyo) for one week, we will have a sequence that will be forever remembered."

Now he's reportedly been on a Japanese chat show and was asked about the Mission Impossible franchise, to which he responded that he's working on the story right now and that while he was visiting he'd be working out how to do a huge action sequence in downtown Tokyo.

Now that sounds very much like the comment from two years ago. Does that mean he really is working on that big action sequence, or that he's just pressing the idea so that Japanese authorities start warming to it before they get a director on board? After all remember the problems that Mission: Impossible III faced filming in Shanghai.

There's nothing else said about the film, so it looks like it's still early stages, however the story from a Japanese chat show watcher through AICN and /Film does suggest that after two years Cruise is still keen on the idea of a fourth film and placing it in Tokyo.

However there is no director on board that we know about, nor a writer, and unless Cruise was there with either of them then I don't really see him scoping out a big action sequence in downtown Tokyo so early on before pre-production has even started.

Of course maybe he had the director and/or writer with him. Maybe Cruise is hitting the fourth film himself as lead actor, writer and director? That I seriously doubt, but who could do the job after three great directors delivered the first three films?



Get JJ Abrams on board again. MI:3 was a great action flick. He seemed to understand what was missing from the first 2 movies.

Do you think something was missing from the first two? I don't at all. I think they are all very different styles, but all very good.

The first one was great until they killed off his team about 10 minutes into the movie and turned it into Tom Cruise: secret agent. The second was just sloppily made and poorly written. I love the third because the bad guy was great, the action was snappy and had a sense of danger and importantly they worked as a TEAM - it felt like the original mission impossible series...but with higher stakes, which neither of the first 2 did..

Admittedly at release time I was excited about all 3 of them, a lot!

In hindsight, 1 and 3 were strong. I see what lars is saying about the 1st one becoming all about TC rather than the 'team', but I did love the reveal of who the bad guy was, especially considering the series.

2 lacked that + the teame factor, thus making it weakest, though still a good action flick, just not quite M:I. 3 fixed things.

I'm quite happy for a 4th to happen & for it to have a totally independent director, keep things 'interesting'.

Anything with Tom Cruise in it and I am up for it, although I shamefully missed Valkyrie.

I also thought M1 and M13 were the best in the series for reasons alredy mentioned.

Lars/Ram - okay, I get your comments and actually I do agree with them. However I don't think that any of the films were bad, and going with the styles of the directors that helmed each they were all damned good.


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